模板是控制您的WordPress站点显示的文件。These files draw information from your WordPress MySQL database and generate the HTML code which is sent to the web browser. Through its powerful Theme system, WordPress allows you to define as few or as many Templates as you like all under one Theme. Each of these Template files can be configured for use under specific situations. More information on Themes can be found at Theme Development.

Automatic and Nutronix

主题参考 编辑

告诉你一些Wordpress主题的基本信息,并告诉你如何转换 版本 从1.2.x 到 1.5的 .
Theme Templates 
Designing Themes for Public Release 
Page Templates 
一个特殊类型的模板. Page Templates are applied to Pages.

Template References 编辑

Stepping Into Templates 
Introduction to the building blocks of WordPress Themes, the template files. Explains how they work together to build a web page and how template files can be included in other template files.
Template Hierarchy 
Description of the order of preference of templates for the generation of various pages. Briefly lists the various templates that WordPress checks for in the process of generating a requested page on the weblog.
Category Templates 
All about defining and customizing templates for the various category archives on your weblog.
Stepping Into Template Tags 
Introduction to the use of template tags in template files.
Template Tags 
The core set of functions used to draw information from the database and display it on the web. For example, the Content of a Post is displayed with the Template Tag the_content().
Anatomy of a Template Tag 
Understanding the structure, usage, and parameters of template tags used in template files.
Include Tags 
A document describing the tags that are available to include and use WordPress' Basic Templates in other template files.
Conditional Tags 
These tags (always of the form is_something(), such as is_home()), report what sort of page is being displayed (e.g. the Main Page, a Category Archive, etc.) and can be used within a Template to control the Template's output depending on what the tags report.

Working With Templates 编辑

A reference on the relationship between Templates and WordPress' Pages feature.
List Pages Template Tag 
A description of the wp_list_pages() template tag used to create a list of Pages.
Creating an Error 404 Page 
Creating a template file Page to feature a customized Error 404 Page.
Designing Headers 
Customizing the header.php template file.
Customizing Your Sidebar 
Customizing the sidebar.php template file.
Author Templates 
Customizing the author.php template file which showcases information about the author and their posts.
Category Templates 
Customizing the site's category pages on a per category basis.
Creating a Search Page 
Customizing the search.php template file.
Creating an Archive Index 
Customizing the archives.php template file which showcases posts by date.

Resources 编辑

More information and articles about using Templates in WordPress.