Grinding Milling Machine After crushing machinery broken materials (coarse, medium and fine crusher) materials in size between 8 ~ 20 mm, the production process in order to achieve the required fineness request, after breaking through the materials must also be milling machinery ground, grinding modern industrial hygiene is important in the process.

In Beneficiation, building materials, cement, chemicals, electric power, light industry and metallurgical industrial departments, the need to grind operations, ball mill, vibration mill, air grinder, and other mill is an important industrial sectors such equipment, and that the ball mill is most widely used, such Ball Mill the main components are a slowly rotating cylinder, cylinder body with grinding media, as ball mill structure is simple, robust, reliable operation, maintenance and management simple, long-term continuous operation, the materials adaptable, broken than large (up to 300 above), and production capacity, Therefore, to meet the modern large-scale industrial production needs. But Mill also more obvious shortcomings, the low efficiency of its work, body weight, body polishing the liner consumption, operating noise, the choice of grinding machinery therefore, the characteristics of the composite material, material grinding Cui requirements, operating conditions, the production environment, mechanical energy consumption, work efficiency and infrastructure investments, and other factors, comparisons can only be determined after the screening. Because each type of grinding machine has its limitations and the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment in the selection must be integrated according to the above requirements, selecting the most reasonable milling equipment